SSI Specialties or PADI Specialty/Adventure Dives
**6 DIVES** 4 SPECIALTY CERTIFICATIONS Open to all Certified Divers

Class location: Bonne Terre Mine (year-round indoor facility)

Individual Divers are Welcome (you do not need a buddy)

Save Time & Money: ONLY 1 Hour Drive from St Louis

Class Schedule



Class Dates/Open Water Dates
(7:00pm ~ 11:00pm)

2 Dives - Discussion & Review
1st Dive is an Orientation Dive

Class Dates/Open Water Dates
(10:00am ~ 4:00pm)

4 Dives - Discussion & Review
April Class Schedule (signup deadline 3-15-16)
Fri -April 22
Sat & Sun - April 23,24
July Class Schedule (signup deadline 6-15-16)
Fri - July 22
Sat & Sun - July 23, 24
January 2017 Class Schedule (signup deadline 12-06-16)
Fri - January 13, 2017
Sat & Sun -January 14, 15, 2017

This program is required to continue your diving education towards MASTER SCUBA DIVER!!

This specialty sport diver course is your opportunity to experience new diving adventures, to enhance your experience and diving skills by building your proficiency in the 4 most popular specially areas *BOAT DIVING*NAVIGATION *NIGHT/LIMITED VISIBILITY *DEEP DIVING (or PADI optional PEAK PERFORMANCE, MULTILEVEL, or other selected Specialties)


Must be a certified open water diver or above.

Course Fee: $400.00

BONUS ADD-ONS: Add Wreck Diving (SSI Specialty) for only $125 (Includes on-line and 2 extra dives)
Add Nitrox Certification (SSI Specialty) for only $165 (Included on-line. No dives required)


Up to 4 Specialties (SSI), Tanks, Air, Instruction, and 6 logged dives at Bonne Terre Mine Scuba Resort.

Up to 4 Certifications Available with SSI or PADI Specialty/Adventure Dives:

SSI Divers will receive certification in 4 Specialties: - Boat Diving, Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility, Deep Diving.

PADI Divers- choose 2 Specialties from: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Navigator, Multilevel, Deep, Night.


Equipment Required:

Full wetsuit, Regulator w/Computer, Octopus, B.C., Weight Belt/Weights (Rental - $185.00)

Personal Equipment Required:

Compass, Slate, Dive Tables, Log Book, Small Dive Light, Dive Knife, Safety Sausage, (Reel for Wreck Cert.)

Required Manuals :

For SSI Divers: Boat Diving, Navigation, Deep Diving, Night/Limited Visibility ($39.95 each)
or PADI Divers: #60325 Adventures in Diving on-line ($129.95 Specialty Manuals (videos or DVD) must be purchased separately.